A Portrait Series.

I am really behind I apologize.

My show, El Refugio, went so well!

I am so grateful to everyone who helped.

And Charles and Grace came!

Here is what I turned in for my portrait series for my Studies in Color class

It was a while ago but I got an amazing crit

This concept was inspired by a poem Gracie wrote.

The colors were inspired by the music I was listening to at the time.

Some of what was said in the crit was that it is violent and graceful.


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Hello all. I have been out and about for too long. This semester caught up to me.

I would like to announce that this lovely lady pictured below and I only have about 5 weeks of school left.


Here is the beautiful Emily Agenjo being a graduating senior.

Oh! also my bestie miss bethany shot my senior photos. Looksie.

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Monday March 22 2010.


So i took a break for Missions Conference. I seriously took a break from EVERYTHING.

Except coffee.

I still shot. Just did not edit in the studio.

This will happen for Spring Break too.

I got my crit back for my first project in color studies.

Big fat ‘A’ for Sarah!

I was extremely happy since I put a lot of thought and work into it.

Kurt said he liked my editing and presentation. He said he would have liked a deeper DoF. Which I get.

Now on to project 2! (which I have already shot hee hee)

Below I unveil project one, color still life series called “This Must be the Place.”

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Monday March 15 2010.

This romper is a estate-sale find.

I guess I went with a pin-up thing?

Flower in the hair. Red lips.

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Sunday March 14 2010.

Kelsey and Josh were in the studio shooting for a POINT story.

This is a behind the scenes shot, nothing like the final product.

But I love this shot. In love with it. And Chelsea. ha.

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Saturday March 13 2010.

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Friday March 12 2010.

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